Describe Your Overall Experience with Wix – Pros & Cons | Review

In this article, Describe Your Overall Experience with Wix. Our Experience on Wix with 10 Pro and 8 Cons. On a wide spectrum of web building services, Wix stays on the website builder end, which is all-inclusive. So, you can build your website on the software with their innovative tools. Your website lives on its servers and you can access your website through the Wix admin panel. It is in contrast to the solutions where you can buy, install & manage your website separately. 

Since its launching in 2006, it has fast established itself as the market’s leading site builder. So, before getting deep into this Wix review, let us take a close look and explain what the website builder is: The website builder is one online platform, which helps you to create your website, without any coding.

Wix has now become well known over the last some years, because of budget-busting campaigns starring celebrity stars such as Statham, Heidi Klum, and Jason Gal Gadot, known as Wonder Woman. However, let us start with its basics:

Wix is a website builder and a simplified way of creating your website. This runs in your browser (don’t have to install software) and provides its web hosting. You have to sign up, choose the template design, and begin creating. It does not need any kind of advanced technical skills. Now, Wix is one largest player in the web-building landscape and also hosts over 110 million websites.

Describe Your Overall Experience with Wix Review
Overall Experience with Wix

There’re two main kinds of website builders –classic template platforms and more modern AI platforms. The classic website builder allows you to pick from a vast range of pre-designed templates. Then you can very easily customize this template and populate it with your content, adding useful features.

Artificial Intelligence website builders will ask you a series of questions, such as the type of website that you want or the design preferences. Then, it creates a website for you. Still, you can make a few tweaks to this design, but the approach is actually for the people who want the simple website up quickly.

What Exactly is Wix? – Overall Experience with Wix

Wix is the classic template web builder and AI platform rolled into one. You may choose from more than 800 industry-specific templates as well as use their incredible drag & drop editor. Or suppose you would prefer, you can make use of Wix ADI and allow Wix to design the website for you!

Wix is a cloud-based service, which allows you to build and design your site without any coding required. Wix was established in the year 2006, and is the biggest website-building firm, with over 5,929 Employees & 10,839,692 users all over the world.

It has many offices in the Middle East & Eastern Europe, but just one in Western Europe). Wix’s big size offers long-term security (that reduces the risk of an organisation folding, and taking your website with it), which means you will look forward to regular updates.

Does Wix Offer all the Functionality that I Require for My Site? 

Wix enables users to make their websites by using the simple and intuitive drag & drop user interface. Overall Experience with Wix is good in terms of Functionality we get.

The Wix website is used for:

  • Hosting the online forum
  • Blogging
  • Appointment booking
  • Building an online store for selling physical and digital products
  • Collecting contact details and many more.

But, you will have to pay for using some of the features that bring us to…

Pricing – is it Possible to use Wix Free?

There’re 9 Wix Plans accessible—the free plan and Eight Paid Plans.

Describe Your Overall Experience with Wix Premium Plans
Wix Plans

Suppose you wish to get an online presence, with very minimal effort, for a temporary purpose, you can get away with their free plan. Think about a wedding, 50th Birthday, or garage sale. Or for anything else, you may need the premium (or paid) plan. The Free plan is best in class in our Overall Experience with Wix.

The free plan does not allow you to connect your domain, use the external mailbox, or collect payment on the internet. There are limits on the storage (like how much content you may host on your website) and the bandwidth (people accessing it).

Every plan includes all functionality from the cheaper plans and all plans include the mandatory free hosting ( ‘mandatory’ later).

Wix Free Plan

Wix’s free plan will allow you to use 800+ of their templates, and as noted above, provides free hosting. You may use images, icons and clip art provided by Wix and will add apps from the Wix app market (which provides free and paid apps). Below is the Experience with Wix Free Plan.

On a free plan, you will get 500 MB of bandwidth for storage, and 500 MB of bandwidth. This must be a lot for the new website with below 2 Thousand visitors every month. The free plan enables you to play over and build the website without even giving out any credit card details.

Connect Domain Plan (comes at $5 per month) 

Besides these features provided on the free plan, the ‘Connect domain’ plan offers you an option to use your web address, for example,, instead of the subdomain of Wix, like This comes with 500 MB of storage & 1 GB of bandwidth. But, it does not allow you to remove Wix advertising.

Combo Plan (comes at $11 per month)

 The ‘Combo’ plan will remove the Wix advertising from your website. The advertising is intrusive, inserting the noticeable call for action on the top of your website. Wix advertising is shown on free & ‘Connect’ plans are intrusive Wix advertising coming on the free & ‘Connect’ plans is intrusive The plan gives you the domain registration for free for the first year.

The combo plan also comes with 3 GB storage and 2 GB bandwidth. You will get over 30 ‘video minutes’ in this plan — as the feature’s name suggests, it means you may upload over 30 minutes of the video to Wix. 

Unlimited Plan (comes at $14 per month)

 The ‘Unlimited’ plan is the cheapest Wix plan, which you may realistically use for running the small business site. Crucially, the plan allows you to collect the contact information from your visitors on to your website by using the custom web forms. The web forms are important if you are looking to use your website for building the email list. The plan offers $300 ‘Ad Vouchers’. These you can use to pay for the advertising with Bing Ads, Google Adwords or Local Listing.

But, it is simple to get the same ad vouchers somewhere else. This plan provides access to your website booster app – the third-party app from AppSharp that can submit your site to search engines. Finally, Wix ‘Unlimited’ plan will come with 10 GB storage, 1 hour’s worth of video minutes and unlimited bandwidth.

Wix Premium Business Plans Describe Your Overall Experience with Wix
Wix Premium Plans

Pro Plan (comes at $19 per month)- Experience with Wix

The plan gives you a little more storage & video hours than the ‘Unlimited’ plan and gives you access to the logo-making tool, and the ability to customize the social icons and calendar tool that allows you to provide the event listings on your website. We are having an Overall Experience with Wix with Free logo-making Tools.

VIP Plan (comes at $29 per month)

This VIP plan is generally very much similar same to the Pro plan however gives you a higher priority for user support. It is a bit concerning that Wix felt a need to include the option — what’s the standard customer service, to make this worth an extra $10 every month for the VIP service? You get a one-time site review by the Wix experts. Or, it is the same as the eCommerce plan.

Business Basic (comes at $20 per month)

 The ‘Business Basic’ plan from Wix is the cheapest Wix plan that is available and facilitates eCommerce. It is very much similar in features to the ‘Unlimited’ plan and allows you to accept payments online and connect to Google Analytics. It provides generous video hours. For me, this particular plan from Wix represents a ‘sweet spot’ in a line-up, because it’s feature-rich & facilitates commerce.

Business Unlimited (comes at $25 per month)

 The ‘Business Unlimited’ plan from Wix is the same as the ‘Business Basic’ one, however, adds social icon tools, logo-making tools, generous storage (35 GB) and video hours (10).

Business VIP (comes at $35 per month)

 The ‘Business VIP’ plan is described by Wix as constituting a ‘full suite’ and offers generous limits on the storage and the video (50 GB & unlimited hours respectively) than the ‘Unlimited’ plan. However, the main thing you are paying extra is for priority support.

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Domain Name Registration

You may register the new domain name from Wix, and connect the domain you own. Suppose you are registering the new domain you will get 1 year of the free voucher with the Wix paid-for packages. Suppose you do not have the domain registered, and choose to use Wix for building your website, registering through Wix is the reasonable option in our Overall Experience with Wix.

But, you must also note that while doing so you are putting all of your eggs in just one basket, suppose in any case you lost access to the Wix account, you would lose your website and your domain name as well. 


You do not have any choice with hosting – and you should use ‘free’ hosting by Wix. In practice, you’re paying the monthly fee for the website, and it is a matter of advertising as to whether this fee is called the hosting fee or Wix paid-for package. Wix claims over 99.8% of uptime which is acceptable.

Wix Hosting
Wix Hosting

They instead vaguely say they have servers ‘all across the world’ –it can be a disadvantage in case you wish to use the servers that are located in Western Europe, for instance, and to avoid the servers in a particular country because of privacy concerns. 


You may either buy the email mailboxes via Wix (provided through Google Workspace) or you may configure the Wix domain’s DNS setup so that the email solution is used. Luckily, if you have the existing mailbox that you want to use with the Wix-purchased domain, then Wix can perform the set-up for you in case you send the Wix support one screenshot of the configuration needed by the email provider.

Suppose you purchase the email accounts via Wix, the fee will be USD 5 every month per mailbox and with discounts available for the annual payment. It includes 30 GB of inbox and cloud storage space. 

Wix Templates – Overall Experience with Wix

Wix offers you the choice of more than 800 templates. Still better, all are free which isn’t the case with the competitors Bigcommerce and Shopify. These templates look very professional and are appealing — The Wix websites do not look like the do-it-yourself type of creation. These templates make very good use of fonts and spacing to create an impact and are effective when used with the best-quality of photographs. 

Short-Term Cost 

Wix provides the free plan if you do not mind having your website address structured. The only caps are over file storage & features – and not over pages and page types. The paid plans are not outstanding (they are a disadvantage as listed earlier), but they are very competitive for short-term projects we have Overall Experience with Wix.

The plans allow you to get the website up fast without any technical fuss & everything is bundled for you. The tiers are quite reasonable – although it is worth paying attention to its caps and if you want the bonus features. All of their plans have tiered discounts for the longer you sign up. They will give you a “true” price upfront and show a discount after you choose your plan.

Site Configuration and Onboarding

Wix’s backend & overall design are completely functional at the core. However, they have cleaned up many edges to make this “prettier” while retaining many different functions on the single screen. However– it is easy and fairly intuitive. While they talk of drag & drop, they mean you to drag and drop the elements where you want them.

They have got templates, tools, and guidelines that will help you to design the website that you can build and see come together when you imagine it. Checking out pages, design, and navigation – all basic elements of the website are straightforward to configure.

In case you are going for the website builder way, then that is what you are looking for. Additionally, Wix has a solid mobile experience, and you may get the design started on the mobile device & worry about doing its finishing touches later on.

Design Templates

Before, Wix has done a good job of upgrading their designs and theme selection. Whereas not up to the SquareSpace design, Wix has a solid range of modern themes. Unlike Squarespace, many don’t need giant and professional photos to appear good and out of the box. 

Wix has also introduced the new “Artificial Intelligence Design” that handles the manual work of website designing with the algorithm. This makes designing the website faster. Here is a product pitch:

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The design approach of Wix is one major benefit of the platform.

Wix Template
Wix Design Templates

In addition, the designs will look after both the responsiveness (that is they adapt to this device) and availability (that is they adapt to the user’s browser –particularly if the user has a disability). Both these features are very important as most DIY website owners do not have time and knowledge to test and patiently edit the website designs. Wix will take care of this for them.

Speed and Security

All Wix website is hosted on Wix’s servers. It means that servers are well-optimized for the Wix websites. The professionals in Wix are totally in charge to make sure your website stays fast. This means that the professionals are totally in charge of securing your website. 

Wix’s websites run off many Javascript. Thus, the speed tests are different from the others. Their websites respond quickly, but take a little to load completely. Most importantly, the websites stay safe and they hardly, “go down.” You do not need to worry about caching, salts, CDNs, and patches that is the core speed and security offering. 

Customer Support and Knowledgebase

Like security and speed, the Wix website has the benefit of being an all-in-one service. Suppose there is any problem, it is on Wix. There is no tracking down its root problem and figuring out who and what is at fault. Wix is really fast and best-solving service problems like domain connection issues and they pre-empted several issues with built-in features such as one-click SSL.


Wix makes this simple to add the functions such as parallax scrolling, video backgrounds and animations onto your website. All these functions are disabled automatically in the mobile view for improving performance. This said, because you can, does not mean you must— animations are the common source of performance problems and usability. 

Content management & interface

Wix provides 3 options for building sites:

  1. Wix Editor
  2.  Wix Code
  3.  Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)
Wix Editor
Wix Editor

Wix Editor

Wix Editor needs basic computing skills: it is equivalent to the complexity of using MS Word to lay out the newsletter. Wix Editor provides you with the flexibility to alter the layout, however, there are limitations when compared to the fully-fledged HTML and CSS solution. 

Wix Code

Wix Code enables you to create database collections. Suppose it sounds scary & not something you would want, then think of the Data Collections as spreadsheets. 

Wix ADI or Artificial Design Intelligence

This is usable by anybody, doesn’t matter if they hate computers. The Wix ADI will create your site just by asking you basic questions & collecting the information available from the online search of the business. 

Is Wix Mobile-friendly?

Describe Your Overall Experience with Wix is very good in mobile- friendliness: Many users are now moving to mobile access, in certain cases exclusively. It means mobile-friendliness is essential for the website. Also, Wix claims that your website can “Look amazing on each screen with the mobile-friendly edition of your website”, and makes your ability to customize the mobile-friendly display of your website.   

But, Wix makes use of absolute positioning which means the web elements will be positioned by the pixel instead of relative to the user’s screen. The absolute positioning will give you complete flexibility in positioning the elements, however, means that your website won’t adapt to different screen sizes.  

Wix Review 10 Pros and 8 Cons
Wix Pros and Cons

Wix Pros

  • It is reasonably priced.
  •  It’s simple to use.
  •  Phone support is accessible which isn’t the case with many other leading website-building tools.
  •  It includes a wide variety of professionally-shot photos for use on your website.
  •  Many functionalities are accessible out of the box.
  •  A large range of templates is given (800+) that are of very high quality & feature useful content.
  •  The SEO functionality is very good.
  •  There is a built-in marketing tool – and something that isn’t currently provided by other Wix competitors.
  •  The free version is also available since is the free trial.
  •  The reasonably stocked app store is also available to improve the functionality of the store.

Wix Cons

  • You cannot export your website data.
  •  You cannot switch your website to another template after you have built it.
  •  The platform does not currently support the AMP format.
  •  Even though workarounds are accessible to make the Wix website display rightly on mobile, sites you build with Wix aren’t completely responsive.
  •  Email marketing functionality also is basic in comparison to dedicated email marketing apps.
  •  The cost of the ‘extras’ or ‘upgrades’ will add up and making the true cost of the website tough to predict.
  •  Suppose you want the premium support level, you will have to pay for this.
  •  You cannot create the GDPR cookie banner for Wix without resorting to a third-party application like CookiePro.

Free Wix Trial

As discussed above, the free trial and reasonably generous free plan are accessible from Wix. You may sign up for the free plan here.

Final Words – Our Overall Experience with Wix

Wix has a well-known brand for the website building space. In the year 2006, this was the first to provide end-to-end web building without any kind of coding skills. Wix assures 100% of convenience with the built-in applications for DIY website owners (they meet this promise) –however, they have some drawbacks for professional web developers.